F. A. Q.

Where are you located?
1794 Route 14A
Penn Yan, New York 14527

What days are you open?
Events are hosted every Saturday from March through October. Gates open 9:00am - 5:00pm.

How much does it cost to play?
$10.00 for Skirmishes
$25.00 for Operations

What are your FPS Limits?
390 FPS w/ .20g
350 FPS w/ .25g

What does FPS stand for?
Feet Per Second. It is the measurement of speed the bb travels between two points.

How do I measure the FPS of my gun?
With a Chronograph.
Bring your weapon to our field and we will chrono it and tell you the FPS.
All weapons must pass through our chronograph before entering the field of play.

Are goggles required?

Is face protection required?




What is airsoft?
Airsoft is an action combat sport similar to paintball using non-metallic spherical pellets known as BBs. Participants eliminate each other by shooting plastic BBs at one another.

What is the history of Airsoft?

In the 1970s, Japan made it illegal to own a firearm, though there was a large interest in them. Because of this interest, manufacturers started to produce spring-powered guns that appear real. These guns fired several calibers of plastic or rubber BBs, but were eventually standardized into 6 mm and 8 mm sizes. The early spring powered weapons then morphed into gas and battery powered ones, using a variety of systems. The hobby then migrated to North America in the mid 1990s. This is due in large part to the addition of many new AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) manufacturers in Japan, China, Taiwan, as well as many others.

Airsoft has also been adopted for training purposes for both military and police units (more often police units). Systema produces guns specifically designed for this purpose and are a 1:1 scale, in every aspect, of their real steel counterparts.

I'm looking for a primary gun, what is the best one to get?
The most popular type of primary gun is the Automatic Electric Gun (AEG). AEG's are battery powered guns that typically replicate rifles and SMGs, like the AK47 or MP5. These are the most efficient airsoft guns because the batteries are rechargeable, the only non-renewable factor of use with AEGs are the BBs. There are numerous advantages to having an AEG. Compared to gas guns AEGs are able to have a more consistent rate of fire. Also, they are able to fire fully automatic, where as spring guns need to be cocked back for every shot.

I'm looking for a back up gun, what is the best one to get?
Back up, or secondary, guns are great to have while playing just in case the primary goes down. The most popular type of back up gun is the gas blow back pistol. Gas pistols are great back up's to carry in a holster or vest because they are small and can be drawn very quickly in emergency situations. Another form of popular back up gun is an Automatic Electric Pistol (AEP). Examples of AEP's are the Tokyo Marui Scorpion or MP7. AEP's operate the same way as AEGs, but they are much smaller and can sometimes fit into pistol holsters for back up use.

Who makes the best quality gun?
When looking at quality there are many aspects of a gun to consider; including but not limited to, the exterior looks and build quality, the interior build quality and materials, and performance. There are many guns that shoot extremely hard but lack in looks and interior build quality. Likewise there are guns that may be lacking in realistic looks and build quality that are built internally very well. The following is a list of the major brands of AEGs and their individual pro vs cons:

  • Tokyo Marui is considered to be the 'Godfather' of airsoft guns, they have many years of experience and have traditionally set the standard for quality. The internal build quality is very good, another perk to owing a Tokyo Marui is that many, of not most, aftermarket parts manufacturers build their parts to fit Tokyo Marui guns. One downside to the Tokyo Marui AEG is that the externals are mostly plastic.
  • Classic Army is another very popular brand of airsoft gun that has been around for a long time. Classic Army guns are more realistic because they have full metal bodies, and the stock FPS is generally harder than the Tokyo Marui counterpart. However, the Achilles heal for most Classic Army AEGs is the poor internal built quality.
  • G&G has made their mark in the airsoft market by providing very high quality externals and a well engineered gearbox. G&G has not been around as long as Tokyo Marui or Classic Army, but they seem to have been able to emulate all of the good characteristics from both companies and none of the bad. Externally their guns are built from the highest quality materials, and function as close to the real thing as possible. Internally G&G also uses the best quality parts available to make a reliable gearbox to withstand the high performance characteristics that G&G guns are known for.

What do the numbers on my battery mean?
Airsoft gun batteries are made from multiple little batteries, referred to as 'cells'. Each cell has a voltage and milliampere number associated with it, which is also how each battery is classified. For example, an 8.4v 1700mAh battery has 8.4 volts and 1700 milliampere hours. The volts pertains to your guns rate of fire, the higher the volts the higher the rate of fire. The milliampere hours is related to the longevity of the battery, the higher the milimeter hours the longer you can play on a single charge.

How do I charge my battery?
These are the proper charging instructions for standard wall chargers, if you have an upgraded or smart charger disregard the following:


  1. Find your battery’s voltage and mah number.
  2. Find your charger’s voltage and mah out-put.
  3. Divide the battery’s mah by the charger’s mah.
  4. Multiply that quotient by 1.4.

The answer to that equation is the number of hours that battery needs to be charged on that charger. For Nickel-Cadmium batteries: always discharge your battery with a discharger (you can buy it from local hobby store) before recharging to maintain maximum battery life. WARNING! make sure you do not over charge your battery; it will kill the battery.

What kind of gas should I use with my pistol?

The types of gasses available for airsoft are classified by their psi, or power. The most common forms of gas and their recommended use are as follows:

  • 134a-This is the weakest type of gas available, reserved for use with plastic guns like Tokyo Marui and Western Arms. This gas will typically yield a velocity under 300 FPS.
  • Green Gas-This is the most popular form of gas. Most guns, plastic or metal, can use green gas with little difficulty. Depending on the gun, this gas can yield a velocity between 300-350 FPS.
  • Propane-Propane is exactly the same thing as green gas, except propane gas is not lubricated with silicone. In order to use propane in your gas gun you must first lubricate the gas with silicone spray to avoid damage to your gun.
  • Red Gas-Red gas is reserved for fully upgraded, full metal guns. This gas is extremely strong and even with a completely upgraded gun, it will wear down the gun with use. Depending on the gun, this gas can yield a velocity above and beyond 320 FPS
  • CO2-CO2 can only be used in guns that have been specially designed for it. CO2 is even more powerful than Red gas and, depending on the gun, can yield a velocity close to or over 400 FPS. CO2 is so strong that even guns that are specifically designed for it are susceptible to abnormally high wear and tear, and breakage.

What is hop up?
Hop up refers to the putting a spin on the bb so as to stop the bb from curving up or diving down at the end of its trajectory. There is a hole at the end of the barrel close to the gearbox, and a membrane that fits over the hole, called the bucking. A lever assembly, called the hop up, pushes down on the bucking, causing the bucking to descend into the barrel, where the bb will hit it and cause it to spin once it is fired. If you have a jam, you should stop firing ( do not pull the trigger). You will strip the piston, gears, etc.. That is not under warranty, it is a user misuse. You will need to take out your unjamming rod and clear the jam first, before firing it again.

I want to upgrade my gun, what is the best way to do that?

Gun upgrades can be done in a number of different ways depending on what you desire your gun to do and what type of gun you have.

    I have a spring gun...
    Most spring guns don’t have any upgrades available mostly due to it's low quality.

    I have a gas gun...
    Metal slides and frame are popular for gas pistols and are the best way to increase the looks and durability of your pistol. High flow valves and stiffer springs are another great way to achieve more realism and power. There are also many other blow back upgrades to increase durability in order to user higher power gas.


    I have an AEG...
    There are numerous upgrades available for the various AEG’s on the market. However, there are some low-end airsoft guns that you are unable to upgrade such as UTG, CYMA, Well, etc. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can upgrade the gears, the spring, the piston, piston head, and so on to increase the rate of fire, the reliability, and the velocity of your BB’s for your airsoft AEG. Some guns have limitations on what you can upgrade due to battery capacity, barrel length, and gearbox size. We do offer upgrade services and packages on our Upgrade Service link on our web page.

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